From the seeds to the final product

Products from Pflegerhof

With lots of love, best farmer’s skills and commitment, our herbal products are produced from the seed up to the final product directly on our farm (only exceptions are crèmes and oils). Our products are the following: Infusions/Tea blends, Spice blends, Single herbs and flowers, Spices, Herbal pillows, Fragrance sachets with lavender and Herbal bath sachets
Additionally, we produce Herbal salt, Soup spices and different syrups.
Our precious cosmetics (different herbal ointments, massage oil, shampoo…) contain only herbs from our farm. The products are finished in an autorized laboratory in Italy.

The course of a year at the Pflegerhof

In december we begin with the works in our greenhouses.
In spring we plant plant our fields and in May we start cutting the first herbs.
The picking of the flowers is the most work-intensive job, as it is done exclusively by hand.
All the herbs from which we use the leaves onlyare cut in the early morning hours. In this way the reduction of quality is avoided. The herbs are dryed in a very careful way.
It is essential that the drying takes place quickly (it takes approx. 24 to 40 hours depending on the herb) and that the temperature while drying is not higher than 30°C. Only in this way, precious activive ingredients remain in the herbs.
At the end, the herbs are filled in big paper bags and stored in a cool, dry and dark deposit.
Depending on the request, the different tea blends are mixed and packaged.
Getting perfect quality products does take not only a lot of time and passion, but also a high ammount of gentle care.

The Greenhouse

In the greenhouse we start working in december: the sow the different plants, in March the small plants are brought outside.

Cornelia's Cactus Collection

Cornelia's passion are cactuses. Year after year she increases her collection which includes today more than 100 differnt types. If you are looking for a special kind of cactus, you will most probably find it at the Pflegerhof.
In spring the cactuses are brought outside and in winter the are brought back into the greenhouse.
In the cold months (temp until +5°C) do not need water. Is the temperature higher, they need to be watered from time to time.
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