The Location of Pflegerhof

S.Oswaldo, Castelrotto

The farm ‚Pflegerhof’ is located in St.Oswald (below the village of Seis am Schlern, municipality of Kastelruth in South Tyrol - Italy) Dolomites on 800 meters above sea level.
The barn roof is made from rye straw and listed for protection as a historical building. Next to the barn, there are the remains of castle Aichach from the 12th century. This castle once must have been part of castle Hauenstein. The later was the home of Leonhard von Wolkenstein, the brother of the famous medieval singer Oswald von Wolkenstein.

The Pflegerhof farm

The ‚Pflegerhof’ surrounds an area of 17 hectares. 5 of these are productive land, the rest are bushes and unproductive ground. On a surface of 2 hectares 80 different types of herbs are cultivated. They are grown on sunny fields and are harvested gently, dried carefully and then processed into refined products. The harvest and care of plants can for most part only be done by manual labour.

View from the ‘Pflegerhof’ farm

View towards Ritten: Rittnerhorn, chapel of Hl. Andreas
St. Konstantin – ‘Fallerhof’ farm, church of St. Konstantin, camping area
Golf course in St. Vigil
Mountains: Santner and Schlern
Ruin Salegg
River ‘Schwarzgriesbach’ in the valley,
viewing point ‘Königswarte and Himmelreich
Pflegerhof - Mulser's Family
St.Oswald 24
39040 Seis (BZ)
Pflegerhof - Google Maps

Pflegerhof - Google Maps

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